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The Trade Instrument Gateway

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What We Do

TradeSecure generates and distributes digital trade finance instruments, protecting finance supply chains against disruption and fraud and improving their cash flow at the same time. Our first-of-its-kind technology can be deployed into any trade financing platform, giving our customers quantum-safe security against all current and future cyber threats. Using distributed ledger technology, we provide customers with a unique referenceable and transferable digital finance instrument - which is easier to manage than paper-based alternatives.

Arqit TradeSecure can mint and secure Digital Negotiable Instruments including:

• Digital Promissory Notes
• Digital Bills of Exchange

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How it works

Our simple click-through demo gives an overview of TradeSecure from both a Buyer's and an Investor's perspective.
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The key to supply chain security


Be at the forefront of trade finance

Inefficient paper-based instruments are being replaced with Digital Negotiable Instruments. Their global adoption is underway - improving liquidity, lowering risk and reducing cost.


More efficient supply chain financing

New SCF programmes make it easier for companies to access their capital and financial assets. The instantaneous creation and acceptance of digital instruments improves cash flow, helping businesses of all sizes.


Meet the increased demand

TradeSecure has been developed to meet the needs of the UN’s Model Law on Electronic Transferable Records (MLETR), and is fully compliant with new MLETR-based legislation. Our service allows users to benefit from new legislation that permits the use of digital trade documents.


Traditional security is under threat

Arqit protects you against disruption and fraud, and offers you quantum-safe cybersecurity, protecting you and your business from both current and future cyber threats.

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How Do We Secure

Digital Trade Instruments?

TradeSecure delivers both a provable digital original on a ledger and a Quantum Seal - meaning that digital instruments cannot be tampered with and their ownership is securely recorded. By creating a highly secure legal instrument that recognises promises to pay for goods or services, we make it easier and more efficient for supply chain participants to conduct trade.

TradeSecure’s DNIs greatly enhance both access to trade finance and supply chain efficiencies, giving our customers faster transaction times, reduced costs, and provably secure transferability of digital finance assets.