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About Us

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Uniquely Positioned

Arqit is the first company in the world whose technology meets the UN’s MLETR provisions on the identity, integrity and control of electronic transferable records. Our software is fully compliant with MLETR-based legislation, and allows our customers to secure their supply chains and increase their liquidity.

TradeSecure® uses QuantumCloud™, our unique symmetric key agreement software, which is designed to protect users from the growing quantum threat. An independent review confirmed QuantumCloud is zero trust and quantum-safe, and we’ve already provided services to organisations and governments around the world.

Our Mission

To keep safe the data and communications of our governments, enterprises and citizens

What We Do

We sell a transformational quantum safe symmetric key agreement software platform to solve the problems of legacy encryption

Stronger, simpler encryption

Find out more about our world-leading platform that keeps safe the data of our governments, enterprises and citizens.

Arqit Today

Arqit is a NASDAQ listed cyber security company, a World leader in the field of Quantum Cryptography. The Public Key encryption we all use is not universally suitable for the Cloud, and is in any case compromised by quantum attack, within a few years. Symmetric Encryption Keys are the perfect solution to these problems, but before Arqit there was no secure way to distribute them at scale.

Arqit puts symmetric encryption keys on any device in the World, to protect data in transit, at rest and in transaction. They are created trustlessly, with provable security at the core and can be refreshed infinitely. Novel cloud and end point cryptographic methods translate this entropy into symmetric keys at end points. Our product is quantumcloud, sold on Platform as a Service basis in the cloud to Government, Enterprise and Tech companies

Keys are low cost, cloud based, easy to use and quantum secured

Customers include major telcos, enterprise, financial services and defence departments. 700+ patent claims developed by world class innovators. Backed by governments, enterprise customers and VC investors.


Drawing on over 150 years of trade and financial services experience

Dr Barry Childe
Chief Information Officer

A distinguished engineer with over 44 years’ experience in computing, Barry has extensive knowledge of banking technology solutions across all asset classes.

Dominic Broom
SVP Working Capital Technology

A Board Member of the Institute of Export and International Trade, Dominic has worked in financial services for over 30 years, helping financial institutions optimise their working capital.

Roger Hynes
VP Business Development

Roger has worked in the financial services industry for the last 25 years, creating market-leading technology applications for the trading, credit and insurance industries.

Howard Royds
Working Capital Consultant

Howard’s main focus is on working capital for mid and large corporates, with particular expertise of Bills of Exchange and Promissory note lending, having 40 years’ product experience with large Trade Finance banks.