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Supply Chain Finance for the Digital Age

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Adding TradeSecure as your Trade Instrument Gateway

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New Supply Chain Finance Opportunities in The Digital Age 

Enhance your customer acquisition and retention through the use of simple & secure digital trade instruments.

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TradeSecure Service Model

TradeSecure is platform agnostic and connects seamlessly into your existing Supply Chain Finance system, allowing your customers to benefit from fast and efficient liquidity to secure and benefit their suppliers.

Speedy integration & support:

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Seamlessly integrate TradeSecure into your system

The TradeSecure platform can be connected directly to your SCF platform.

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Dedicated integration team

We work directly with your team to design and integrate your API connections.

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We work with you to support your customers and have a dedicated team on-hand to match your existing SLAs. We also provide working tutorials on the benefits of using quantum secure technology in this digital age.

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Arqit integrates its SKA Platform™ and Electronic Transferable Record (ETR) solutions, which meet the UK Law Commission’s criteria for Digital Trade Instruments with Utility Networks.


Quantum information cannot be stolen as Symmetric Keys secure all transactions & data in use and at rest.


The encrypted ETR data is held air-gapped from the Keystore to unlock the data.


SKA Platform uses root source keys to moderate endpoint key creation process.


Arqit TradeSecure mints a Digital Bill of Exchange (DBOE) and provides notary services via internet portal or Utility Network.


Optional DSCC protects the Utility Network’s endpoints.


Utilises Arqit unique patents: Quantum Mint, SKA Platform and DSCC.

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Arqit Tradesecure Meets Key ‘Possession’ And ‘Reliability’ Tests

Commercial adoption of Digital Negotiable Instruments (DNIs) is dependent on their ease of use and on their legal recognition. Arqit has created an easy-to-use, legally recognised digital instrument, that meets legal tests set out in the UK’s Electronic Trade Documents Act 2023.